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"Ms. Pluhar’s approach to team training is on target. She provides teams a solid foundation from which to work. After five years, I'm still using her techniques." 
— Bill Sefferin, Alcoa Building Products

"I've been to a million ka-jillion workshops over the years, and her facilitation workshop I attended nearly a decade ago is one of the few I remember. Those skills have helped me tremendously over the years."
— David Derr
, V. P., Education Services, Information Experts

High-functioning work teams don’t just happen — they come about through training, practice and good leadership.

Any group of people who share a common task is a team. In businesses, a team can be a functional group with a manager/supervisor. A team can also be composed of individuals from different functions that have been brought together to tackle a specific task.

High Functioning Teams:

  • Have a clear set of goals
  • Complete assignments on time
  • Respect each other
  • Achieve results
  • Are rewarded and recognized
  • Enjoy working together
  • Have fun

Some indications of ineffective teams:

  • Are you finding that your teams are wasting time and energy?
  • Do members miss meetings? Or come late to meetings?
  • Do they often last longer than planned?
  • Do a few members do all the talking ?
  • Are there members who are often silent?
  • Do decisions take forever and then seem unsatisfactory to almost everyone?
Pluhar Associates offers clients consultation in the development of teams for specific projects, coaching of managers and supervisors in development of the team, team training, and team coaching.

Together we will work to develop:

  • Your Vision / Mission
  • Measurable Goals
  • Group Problem Solving and Decision Making Techniques
  • A solid and high-functioning work team

Value: Listen to all perspectives.

A consultant can make the difference between success and failure by helping the team establish clear and agreed-upon goals, roles, and procedures for the work that it will do together.