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"Pluhar Consulting’s contribution to our recent Cisco QoS course development effort was invaluable. Their designer coordinated efforts of a team of five contributors as well as undertaking key development components herself. Her work was timely in a high-pressure environment, and the product was excellent. CCI would not have made this a successful product offering without her effort."
— Bill Horst, Manager Course Development, CCI


Quality employee training saves time and money.

Pluhar Consulting works with you to find the most cost-effective method for training your employees. We are skilled in creating clear, jargon-free materials that enable the trainee to easily learn software, systems, procedures, and soft skills.

By following the “ADDIE” methodology for instructional design and development we will be able to provide your employees with the proper tools they need to do their jobs efficiently and productively. The ADDIE method is used for both traditional leader-led training and e-learning. At each step of the process, you review the results to ensure that the final product is exactly what serves you best.

Analysis — We will conduct interviews, read technical documents and observe workers conducting the procedures that are to be trained.
Design — We develop learning objectives, and an outline of the content with estimates of the time frame for the training.
Development — We write the training program. For a leader-led training program we create the instructor and participant manuals as well as any teaching aids to be used. If it is e-learning, the development process is divided into two parts. First, we write storyboards, and once approved by the client, we will develop the graphics, script and programming.
Implementation — We conduct the training. For leader-led training, either we will conduct a pilot or observe an internal company trainer. For e-learning, the training is made available on CD/DVD or is hosted internally on a company server.
Evaluation — The question is now asked: “How effective is the training?”

Customized the training to our client's specification result in:

  • Focused, coherent, and effective instruction
  • Relevant skills and expertise gained by employees
  • Increased productivity and job satisfaction
  • Instruction manuals, participant manuals, and job aids that are tailored to your organization