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Eliminate meetings that don't work!

A successful meeting is one that leaves participants energized, pleased with their progress, and clear about what has been accomplished. Employees emerge from the meeting with assignments that have realistic deadlines.

Whether your meetings are a annual two-day retreat, a regular department meeting, or a special event with particular focus, an experienced facilitator whose sole purpose is to design and manage your meeting can accelerate results and improve the quality of the decisions that are made.

Pluhar Consulting partners with clients in achieving successful meetings so that the hours spent are excellent investments in the health of your business.

As an outside consultant, we provide the necessary facilitation skills to offer our clients:

  • a keen observation of group process;
  • the ability to manage group dynamics; and
  • the ability to design group processes suited to the task.

Let Pluhar Consulting teach you how to have productive and energized meetings. We can help you with:

  • Strategic planning
  • Board retreats
  • Departmental meetings
  • Community gatherings
  • Focus groups

    "Annamarie played a vital role in managing a diverse group of townspeople gathered as a steering committee for a town-wide event. Although we had no prior experience working together, Annamarie helped us define our goals and pursue them with focus. She has excellent attention to detail and a great ability to employ different facilitation strategies. I especially admired how she maintained control of our meetings without being overbearing or authoritarian. She kept to a minimum the eye-rolling exasperation and impatience one often feels in such situations!"

    —  Elizabeth Catlin, Planning Commissioner, Dummerston